SAP BusinessObjects

SAP Data Analytics provides all necessary ingredients for a successful enterprise grade data warehouse and analytic solution within a single integrated platform.

Latest version of SAP BusinessObjects BI suite includes full tool set to deliver trusted and reliable information for decision making on any device. The solution components can be logically grouped as showed in diagram.


Process group

SAP BusinessObjects component

SAP BusinessObjects tools

Extract, transform, load            

SAP Enterprise
Information Management

SAP Data Services                                  

governance and quality

SAP Enterprise
Information Management

PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect




self-service and dashboards




Analytics Cloud

Analytics Cloud BI, Predictive and Planning



The data is moved from source systems to Data Warehouse solution using SAP Data Services which is the ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool of the SAP BI Platform. It provides a graphical interface for building and maintaining complex ETL jobs, including the execution of the jobs. With SAP Data Services, you can achieve the following


·        Easy-to-use codeless user interface for faster developer productivity;

·        Enterprise-class data integration supporting any heterogeneous data environment;

·        Powerful data quality capabilities available in a single product;

·        Web services support for service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments;

·        Auto documentation of ETL process;

·        Superior integration with SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence content.



Data governance

SAP BusinessObjects includes the following features for data governance:


·         Auditing;

·         Security;

·         Meta data management;

·         SAP PowerDesigner – Enterprise Architect.

Auditing is available as an integrated part of SAP BusinessObjects BI platform. SAP BI platform includes services for auditing of events, such as authentication, data access, system modifications, web and mobile accesses, service utilization, etc. It helps gives of what information is being accessed, how it’s being accessed or changed, who performed operations, and when. The data in the auditing database can be used for reports in the front-end tools.

The SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform includes LifeCycle Management service to deploy and version front-end documents and ETL job. It is also possible to view different versions of the documents and see the difference between versions in a visual comparison tool.

With SAP BusinessObjects Information Design tool metadata libraries (Universes) are created.

Universe Designer acts as a graphical design tool used to create the rich semantic layer (metadata) that makes SAP BusinessObjects products intuitive for non-technical users. For each object (KPI, dimension etc.) an additional descriptive information can be provided and seen by all users – like detailed description of KPI and how it’s calculated.

SAP PowerDesigner is enterprise architecture tool that helps you to visualize, understand, and manage the impact of change to your enterprise system before it happens. This end-to-end tooling software supports model-driven architecture (MDA) design with industry-standard modeling techniques, a powerful metadata repository, and unique Link and Sync technology – so you can respond to change with confidence.


  • Empower data, information, and enterprise architects with a powerful modeling solution.
  • Capture all business requirements, design for the future, and communicate graphically.
  • Visualize the links between all architectural layers to understand the impact of change.
  • Improve collaboration between business and IT with intuitive visualization and reporting tools.
  • Leverage data as a strategic company asset to drive greater value and efficiency.

Data warehouse – SAP IQ

The data warehouse (DWH) is a key factor for the success of this solution. The data structure of the DWH is a star schema data model, which is optimized for fast reporting. This data model reflects the business data model to such an extent, that end-users will be able to recognize their business processes in the data model. Each star schema, also called a Datamart, is a direct reflection of the business processes. Besides this, the much simpler star schema is also a key factor in the performance, as the simple data structure contains very table joins.

Sybase IQ is a database that has been optimized for DWH. Sybase IQ query performance is achieved by utilizing column store architecture multiple bit-mapped index types, increased in-memory compressed query processing and in-database analytics and several patented index types and query algorithms. 

SAP IQ is:


  • A highly optimized, persistent and multi-platform analytics server designed from the start for the most challenging analytics requirements.
  • Supercharges analytics performance 10x and more times from extensive transaction histories and perform long-tail analysis on data.
  • Correlates current data with many years of company information.

If additional performance increase will be required, it is possible to “supercharge” SAP IQ by combining it with SAP HANA, in-memory appliance that combines SAP software along with hardware optimized and delivered by SAP’s hardware partners.


  • SAP HANA allows real-time analysis of information as it happens to react quickly to market conditions.
  • Supercharges analytics performance 1000x-10 000x times.


BI Fiori Launchpad

Through a secure, personalized BI portal – BI Launchpad, end users have the right to work with any BI content type  and share it with other decision makers. 
The BI Portal also supports the management of third party documents such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. 
From BI Portal, users can view, refresh, and schedule BI content as well as can do interactive analysis of created reports. 



Solution includes publishing capabilities to publish personalized reports to unlimited number of different report consumers.
Publishing provides ability to send information from a single report with information specific to each recipient. 
Publishing support sending customized reports also to dynamic list of Recipients listed in other report, i.e., sending payment remainder letters to dynamically selected customers based on their payment status. After selecting reports for Publication, you can include internal recipients (SAP BO users) or external recipients – i.e. external companies to whom reports can be send in MS Excel or PDF formats.


Reporting and self-service analytics

Web Intelligence provides an easy-to-use interface – with powerful query features – that allows business analysts and non-technical information consumers to ask
spontaneous and iterative business questions of their data. For example, a user can easily compare the performance of suppliers this year over last year, access the trusted data source for more detailed information, and quickly identify trends and determine areas within the supply chain that can be optimized to ensure maximum profitability – all within a single session.


With Web Intelligence, users can access and format information to suit their needs with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop web interface. And, you can customize the zero-footprint web interface to meet specific user segments inside and outside of the organization. In addition, with minimal knowledge of the underlying data structures, users can access and synchronize data from multiple sources, create custom formulas, and use variables within a single report. 




SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud can be used stand alone or in combination with on-premise SAP BusinessObjects instance.  It can fully complement existing SAP BusinessObjects data and provide Hybrid scenario. Newest BI and Predictive solutions can be used in SaaS model without data leaving on-premise environment. It means data can stay in existing data sources, and Cloud would only consume metadata to provide BI and Machine Learning functionality.


On a competitive landscape SAP Analytics Cloud has been highly evaluated by market analysts and is leading in the space:

Business Intelligence 

Get the answers you need, exploring information from across the organization, with intuitive self-service features. And deliver insights to stakeholders, at the point of decision, with dynamic interactive-stories.