Data Warehouse Framework

Based on previous experience in Data Warehouse project development, we have developed data warehouse architecture and development framework. This helps establish the initial principles for implementing the DWH model in the organization.

As part of the data integration process, we offer a rigid architecture that provides long-term transparency and control over data flow. We have experienced that the introduction of clear data flows and dependency significantly increases data availability and the efficiency of new information integration (reduces complexity and resources).

Architecture provides the integration of historical systems and existing data (up to the day). In the long term, it is possible to use analytical bases for real-time analysis and real-time replication and loading, but initially the organization needs to develop “basic” standards for controlling the flow of data.

A rigorous and understandable architecture in an organization and adherence to standards enables the long-term development of an enterprise information base on simple and transparent principles.

Disciplined, this approach avoids increasing complexity and reliance on underlying systems, supplemented by historical data or other systems. It allows the integration and development of future systems and changes without significantly increasing complexity and resource use.

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