BI Solution Development

For the BI solution to provide value for an organization, we try to understand customers’ goals and offer the most effective approaches to achieving them.


We often start with a proof of concept to demonstrate the tangible solution of a particular business issue using data analytics approach.

Business Goals

The implementation process itself starts with the identification of common business needs and analysis of supporting data sources.

Using an iterative development approach, we are already providing a functioning BI solution as soon as possible to obtain feedback and make the necessary changes. As a result, each deliverable has practical value and helps business define future steps of data analysis more quickly.


The development can be carried out in the form of fixed budget projects for which we estimate required time and costs, as well as with small consultancy assignments based on the hourly rate.

Knowledge transfer

During project delivery working side by side with customers we can ensure that project participants will learn from our consultants.

BI competence center

During project hand-over process we can help establishing virtual DWH competence center.
It typically includes key experts who are overseeing the development of a BI governance structure and delivering of all components of BI solution internally or by utilizing external resources.

Other services

Data Warehouse Framework​

Based on previous experience in Data Warehouse project development, we have developed data warehouse architecture and development framework. This helps establish the initial principles for implementing the DWH model in the organization.